Educational Apps & Software Programs

In today’s complex and dynamic classroom environment, educators are challenged to meaningfully include students with a wide variety of needs. Every learner is unique in terms of his/her cognitive, social, verbal, and physical developments.

With the help of educational technology, students of all abilities can successfully participate, communicate and learn with their peers in the classroom. Over the past three decades, educational technology has evolved from being only situation specific devices or adaptations, to more general Educational Apps and Software Programs solutions which can support students along a continuum of ability.

At TIME, we provide schools, special education centers, and language centers with Educational Apps and Software Programs to assist educators in the proper and effective use of technology in and out of the classroom.

Examples of TIME Educational Apps Categories are:









Social Skills

Problem Solving

If you are interested or your school is interested in receiving more information about these Educational Apps and Softwares contact us via E-MAIL or PHONE and we will send you the detailed description of the content of these programs.

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